JIM DAVIDSON – The Next Chapter

Saturday 19th July 7:30pm and Friday 22nd August 7:30pm



JIM DAVIDSON – The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter In the ever-evolving book of British comedy, Jim Davidson OBE remains 
a best-seller, writing new chapters of hilarity that captivate capacity audiences year after year.
Despite the relentless attempts of a woke minority to pen his comedic demise, Davidson's narrative continues to thrive, his fans-the silenced majority-turning every show into a page-turning success.
As we turn to this brand-new chapter for 2025, Jim invites you to join him for another evening of 
rip-roaring, grown-up comedy.
Witness the ‘General’ in his latest comedic triumph and support him in the ongoing saga against those who seek to rewrite British comedy culture with their radical sensibilities ... and he’s got another wedding to pay for!
Join Jim Davidson in this gripping tale where freedom of speech is the hero, and laughter triumphs over division.
The battle for our comedic heritage is far from its final chapter!


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