Upcoming Shows


Tuesdays & Wednesdays 14th February - 18th October incl. 8.15pm Matinee: Wednesday 16th August 2.30pm

Stardust is not just cosmic dust, it is often described as a magical or charismatic feeling, and in the all-new family variety show at the Babbacombe Theatre for the 2023 season, there will be magic with a large dusting of charisma from the 11 stars.

They say too when you get Stardust in your eyes it causes a pleasant dream-like feeling, and the surest way to make a dream come true is to live them, and with this production playing weekly throughout the year, you get to see first-hand, something that, One Way or Another, will bring this show to life with humour & heart, colouring your world!

It takes a great team to organise and orchestrate a successful theatre production, and Stardust will be no exception. What could be very ordinary becomes extraordinary when everyone gets the chance to shine. With the dynamic mix of a great script, combining classic variety from decades past with current and new topics, the cast performing on the Babbacombe boards will be looking to exceed audiences’ expectations throughout the year.

“The stars will not look bigger, but you can expect them to look brighter”



The Little Mermaid Family Matinee

Sunday 12th March 2.30pm

Join us under the sea as we take you on an underwater adventure in The Little Mermaid. Will Melody the magical mermaid find her voice, which was stolen by the Evil Sea Witch in order to ensure she can be with her one true love and live happily ever after.

Full of beautiful scenery, Sparkling costumes and lots of fun for all the family.. you’ll have a whale of a time! 

Starring Divina De Campo &  Davey Hopper Please note: we cannot guarantee the appearance of any one particular artist on the date you join us,



Little Mermaid Adult Pantomime

Sunday 12th March 7.30pm

Adult Panto returns to Torquay? We DO think!

Join us under the sea as Adult Panto Tour return with a brand new naughty little tail.. The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid will be an all-star adult panto tour production featuring a cast of returning queens and actors from Adult Panto previous productions over the past 4 years!

Complete with her iconic red wig and a silver tail, DIVINA DE CAMPO leads the cast in the title role of The Little Mermaid herself. Will our evil Sea Witch DETOX with the help of her evil side kick TRINITY K BONET manage to steal the voice of the little mermaid or will our King, DAVID POTTS and ships captain CHORIZA MAY help save the day.

Featuring beautiful scenery, sparkling costumes and all the usual jokes, comedy, camp songs and filth you’d expect.. you’ll have a whale of a time down where it’s wetter! 



The Bohemians

Friday 24th March 7.30pm

Billed as The World’s most exciting Queen Tribute, the Bohemians take you on a high energy roller coaster ride of a concert, featuring the back catalogue of one of the world’s most popular and iconic rock acts of all time.



WOW! That's A Show

Easter Saturday 8th April 2.30pm

Join Steve Laister (Winner of Sir Norman Wisdom's Award For Comedy Excellence) and special guests for a fun, feel good afternoon you'll never forget in a 2 hour comedy laugh-along & sing-along extravaganza. 

Special guests include Welsh Comedian Phil Doyle, Welsh singer and star of SC4's Parch Lorna Amy Sullivan, Sensational Show Singer Paul Fordham and Guitar Vocalist Graham Clow, all accompanied by Musical Director Steve Jones.

This is a fun filled afternoon of singing and comedy for older adults, not suitable for children.



Aladdin P!ssed Up Panto

Friday 21st April 7.30pm

Have you ever watched a pantomime and wondered what mischief the cast would get up to if there weren’t any children in the audience? What happens when the cast have had one-too-many? Now’s your chance to find out.

This special one-off performance will not be for the faint-hearted-it’s panto as you’ve never seen it before. The hilarious production is packed to the brim full of innuendo, hilarious comedy routines, parodies of well-known songs and audience participation, creating a performance that’s sure to be hilarious, cheeky, saucy and sometimes just a little bit naughty...okay...very naughty!

Along with all the usual adult panto fun, the audience vote each night for the one performer who must complete savage drinking challenges throughout the show. As the victim gets slowly more and more sozzled, they must, along with the rest of the cast, keep the show rolling onto its happy climax.

Starring a whole host of experienced, professional pantomime performers, and one or two professional drinkers, alongside a dazzling ensemble cast, stunning scenery, great music and side-splitting comedy routines this is a night that audiences will remember for the rest of their lives.



Money For Nothing

Saturday 29th April 7.30pm

Money for Nothing - “Undoubtedly the best Dire Straits tribute in Europe

Money for Nothing was formed in 2000 as a tribute to one of the world’s premier rock bands – Dire Straits. The abundant energy and the excellence and musicality of their performance makes Money For Nothing a “must see” for any rock enthusiast or Dire Straits fan. Fronting the band is the outstanding Howie G (who you may recognise from his years with The Classic Rock Show) Behind him the line-up features top-class and experienced musicians that make this band a worthy tribute to Dire Straits. Howie and all the band have studied Dire Straits in great depth to re-create their tribute to be as close as possible to the real thing and a respectful tribute to their idol and guitar legend.

Make no mistake, they are good, very good” – The Observer



DESPERADOS-Eagles tribute

Thursday 4th May 7.30pm

Desperados, are an ensemble of talented and creative musicians, who pride themselves on their technical abilities and attention to detail to deliver a rip roaring set from the outstanding back catalogue of one of the greatest bands in history - Sit back & Take it Easy with Desperados and celebrate the music of six time Grammy Award Winners, The Eagles!