Wonderful Christmastime



Reviewed for the Herald Express By Paul Levie *****

It usually goes like this....I go to see the Babbacombe Theatre Christmas Show and then spend the next week telling everyone I see how brilliant it was.

But this year I had man flu on Press Night (we all know how dreadful that is, don’t we chaps?)

So, for the last week everyone I see has been coming up to me and telling me how brilliant the show is.  And they’re right.  It’s the best ever.

The thing is, everyone at Babbacombe thinks they’re a comedian.  Even the box office lady put me in seat L8 (late...... Geddit?)

But boy was it well worth waiting for.  Once again Andy Oakley came up with totally original material, delivered with machine-gun timing.

If there is a funnier, cleverer, more versatile comedian on the planet, then I have yet to see them.

But ITV comedy impressionist Phil Lowen gave him a run for his money.  When he sings, try shutting your eyes and telling the difference from the real thing. 

The only time the audience stopped rocking with laughter was when they were gasping at the show’s three superb vocalists:  West End starlet Lily Laight, Britain’s Got Talent vocalist Sami-Jane (four yeses!) and international singer Damien James.

The tight-knit headliners were joined at every opportunity by the remarkable Danze Fantastique - superbly choreographed by the equally talented Rebecca Laight (yes folks, Lily’s mum!)

All six of the dancers were home grown talent who have made it big outside the Bay.  But they just love coming back for the Babbacombe seasonal specials!

And something I’ve never seen before....producer/director Colin Matthews plucked three of them out of the troupe to SING as a trio - which was ‘fantastique’ and had more than a touch of the Andrews Sisters in their beat and harmony.

I talked to a number of the audience who all agreed – the Babbacombe Christmas show is the most important thing on their seasonal calendar.

One criticism?  I think all the belly laughs brought on a fit of coughing.....I’m going back to bed lads, with a hot water bottle and a cup of Lem-Sip.



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“Absolutely fantastic opening night. so much talent on the stage last night and I left with my face aching from laughing at the jokes and funny sketches so much. This is one of the best variety shows I have ever seen at Babbacombe Theatre don’t miss it!”  CAROLYN CUSTERSON CEO English Riviera Bid Company Ltd. FACEBOOK

“Wonderful Christmastime is a fantastic production that should be watched if you like comedy, singing and dancing. Sami-Jane has a wonderful voice; Lily is a great all-round performer, singing and dancing; Damien's Elvis was great; Dance Fantastique's Cats dance with Lily was brilliant; Phil Lowen's impressions were hilarious, especially Tom Jones. The whole thing was held together by the star, the amazingly funny Andy Oakley. He literally had them rolling in the aisles with laughter. A fantastic night from start to finish. BRILLIANT” GARY W GOOGLE/TRIPADVISOR *****

“Just watched the 2019 Christmas show and it was brilliant”. DARREN C – GOOGLE*****

“Been to see Wonderful Christmastime it was brilliant Andy and Phil star of the show so so funny great vocals from Sami Jane great night apart from walking back in torrential rain well worth going” TINA S – GOOGLE *****

“Brilliant” WENDY H – GOOGLE *****

“Brilliant performance” JOHN W – GOOGLE *****

“Went to see the Babbacombe Christmas show this week, can’t praise the work they do enough!
A treat for the eyes and ears!!
If you want an evening of belly laughs and good old fashioned entertainment then go along, you won’t be disappointed!
Thank you Babbacombe another absolute triumph” 

“Fantastic little Theatre. Wonderful Christmastime superb”  PETER W FACEBOOK

“Omg this is the best entertainment I’ve had. I laughed until tears were rolling down my face. I sat in awe of the amazing vocalists the dancers performing brilliant routines in stunning costumes in all a total brilliant uplifting Xmas show. A perfect gift idea for Xmas”. WENDY P FACEBOOK

“Absolutely fabulous! As always ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star show. It really cheered me up on a very horrible rainy day”. TRACEY P FACEBOOK

“Some of the BCR team had the privilege of watching the new Christmas show at the Babbacombe Theatre. What a show! We would thoroughly recommend seeing it if you get the opportunity. Many thanks the FOH team for looking after us so well.... "Oh Yes You Did!”  MELANIE from the BABBACOMBE CLIFF RAILWAY FACEBOOK/TWITTER


REVIEW BY Cathie Burgess for LifeCare Radio - It's Simply a Wonderful Christmastime Show!

On a wet wintery evening when most people would be putting on their PJs and battening down the hatches, we ventured out to Babbacombe Theatre's seasonal show Wonderful Christmastime. It was well worth the soaking!  

This festive extravaganza captured the spirit and feeling of Christmas even at the end of October!  Despite a small cast, a variety of Christmas numbers are showcased, some of which are in new and imaginative arrangements whilst still evoking the nostalgia of our favourite Christmas hits.  

Special mention must go to Andy Oakley who kept the show moving with his clever and sometimes risqué comedic songs and sketches.  

The cast and dancers looked as though they were enjoying the show as much as the audience who needed little encouragement to join in with the songs.  

Lily Laight's beautiful rendition of Silent Night made us tear up and Sami-Jane’s powerful voice literally filled the auditorium as she did justice to some very strong power ballads. 

Great dancing, great orchestral accompaniment and great costumes! Everything you would want from a seasonal Christmas show. One not to be missed!


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