With a wealth of new material and an energy that never stops, you would certainly say that headliner Steve Laister has the X-factor.

But why stop there? 

  • Singers Holly Cosgrove and Lindsey Collard definitely have the oooh-factor.
  • Singer-comics Wayne Martin and Paul Cobley have the ho-ho factor.
  • Danze Chique undoubtedly have the WOW-factor, and
  • Kidz and Co provide the aaahhhhhhh-factor.

In fact you could say that the Babbacombe Talent FACTOR-y has done it again!

The format may be tried and tested, but Superstars feels fresh from start to finish with polished performances all round.

Comedian and compere Steve Laister manages to be deliciously naughty without ever offending.  His Dolly Parton sketch ‘Dolly Drops’ introduces a chest you could eat your dinner off...and loads of sauce.

His take on Brexit, as Herr Raiser, is hilarious, and you’ll never be able to quote Confucius again without a wry titter.

Like all the acts he weaves effortlessly through the show, making sure that the audience is amused and enthralled in equal measures.

A huge part of the success is the ability of Wayne Martin and Paul Cobley to put aside their pride in being very fine singers in their own rights, to join in the fun and show the adoring audience their talent for comedy.

Watch out for a hilarious cameo as ‘Lords’ in one of the best dance routines of the night. And when they team up with Steve and singer Lindsey Collard for their Liverpool version of the Jersey Boys (the Mersey Boys, what else?) they all show off their multi-faceted talents.

Also making a huge contribution are the home-grown singing talents of ‘The Voice’ contestant Holly Cosgrove and Lindsey herself.

 Holly’s rich and powerful rendition of the world’s favourite songs is simply stunning, and I’ve never heard anyone sound so much like Karen Carpenter than Lindsey.  A couple of polished diamonds!

The five young members of Kidz and Co (they rotate nightly in four different teams) had every mum and granny in the house enraptured.  What a bunch!

And finally, the biggest surprise of all.  Somehow producer and director Colin Matthews has managed to come up with a troupe of the most accomplished dancers you will ever see.

Super-sexy and super-synchronised, Danze Chique are just amazing - and they’re all local ladies.  You only get to see six each night, but by cleverly rotating the nine-strong troupe, Colin ensures a fresh and energetic performance night after night.  And the costumes are FAB-U-LOUS!

Two routines to mention – ‘Lords of the Dance’ and ‘Walk Like and Egyptian) are captivating, and in ‘Nine to Five’ you’ll see sixteen of the best legs ever assembled on one stage...and two of the worst.  I won’t spoil it for you by explaining!

Amazingly the local thread continues with international choreographer Wesley Waring.  He’s worked all over the world but this is the first time back to choreograph at the Theatre where he started as a small child himself.  Bravo Wes, a tour de force.

In fact bravo to the whole Babbacombe family.....a real team of Superstars!


“SIMPLY the Best”, belted out by a certain Tina Turner back in 1989, the same can certainly be said of Babbacombe Theatre’s current show SuperStars – an eclectic mix of extraordinary entertainment fronted by the comedy genius of Steve Laister.

Now I am slightly biased, as I love the variety of the Babbacombe shows but I can honestly say this is one of the best shows I’ve seen at the venue.

The singing is superb, the dancers are captivating, and the comedy is hilarious. Don’t expect to sit still should you venture out to catch the show – audience participation is encouraged – and you can’t help but sing along to the varying repertoire of songs both old and new, from stage and screen.

Steve Laister takes you on a roller coaster of laughter his stories will have you crying with laughter, and Paul Cobley also stretches his comedic muscles and the results are hilarious. 

Danze Chique were as graceful and elegant as ever – boy can those girls move, in a selection of stunning costumes that provided a riot of dazzling colour.

As always there is a young element featured in the show, Kidz & Co. They all behaved professionally and had a great stage presence. Personally, I would have been scared stiff in front of a packed audience, but they took it all in their stride.

As always, I was accompanied by my mother and daughter, a good way to get a complete generational view. Daughter Megan said It was, “the best show she had seen at Babbacombe”, and mother claimed, “the shows get better every year”.

A Super Evening with the Stars, SuperStars has it all! LIFE CARE RADIO - REVIEWER John Cavie

This variety show flows seamlessly with one performance segueing effortlessly into the next, helped in no small part by the comic timing, charisma and energy of Steve Laister.  The singers showed incredible versatility, especially Holly Cosgrove whose vocal range is impressive. Lindsay Collard also demonstrated considerable vocal talent.  It can be tricky for vocalists to be able to combine their talents with comedy, but Wayne Martin and Paul Cobley did just that causing much hilarity among the audience.  

 Special mention should be given too to Kidz and Co – these little ones sang beautifully and were well rehearsed giving the show an added charm.  

 For a small cast, the showcase of dancing, singing and comic performance was really polished, and I can tell you, the show is called SuperStars for a reason – definitely a feel good night out.

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