Step Into Christmas

HERALD EXPRESS REVIEW by PAUL LEVIE  - It's another 5 stars!


The Chancellor may have slashed the price of bubbly, but it is the cast of the Babbacombe Christmas show that will give you a champagne night of sparkle and fizz.

Yes, the festive season may have come a little early with Step Into Christmas.  But it isn’t a moment too soon - by far and away the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Comic genius Andy Oakley is joined by a tight but terrific cast of singing, dancing and comedy talent that had the audience howling with laughter and clapping their hands to shreds.

Two hours passed in a flash with festive melodies, old favourites, and some surprising numbers. Tackling most – though not all – of the songs were Paul Fordham, Harriet Loveridge and Claire Waring.

Singing solo or together their performances were faultless and fun.  And when called upon they were amply supported by top comedy impressionist Phil Lowen (watch out for a great Tom Jones, an even ‘greater’ Pavarotti, and a hilarious Titanic sketch).

The patrons of Babbacombe are so lucky to have him as he is in great demand for variety shows all over Britain and abroad and has many TV performances to his credit.

Finally, Andy Oakley’s fine singing voice also got a couple of outings, bringing rich variety to the voices on show.

Tying it all together with glitz and glamour were the dancers of Danze Fantastique, choreographed for the first time this year by Lucy O’Neill who is no stranger to Babbacombe having been both a junior and senior dancer in recent years.

The troupe consist of Lucy Samuels, Sophie Beresford, Maia Dunstone, Thea Chamberlain, Clara Chamberlain and Kiara Banks.  Their performances were impeccable, their costumes fantastic and they actually looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as we were!

Kiara is one of several ‘family connections’ within the Babbacombe Theatre set-up, following literally in the footsteps of mum Rhiannon, who notched up no less than 32 productions there during her own career.

But the real granddaddy of the Babbacombe boards is the incomparable Andy Oakley.  His fantastic wit – always saucy but never blue – his faultless word power, his audience repartee, and the sheer range of accents and personalities he portrays make him, in my opinion, a performer without equal.

Once again, the whole show was a tribute to owner/director/producer Colin Matthews who has honed his own ‘art’ to perfection over his many years at Babbacombe.

Christmas may have come early – but it was well worth waiting for.



This sparkling show delivers non-stop festive frolics from start to finish, leaving its audience feeling truly in seasonal high spirits.

With gorgeous costumes, superb vocalists, lively dancers and some cheeky comedy too, it conjures up enough Christmas cheer to warm up any winter’s evening.

The magic comes from the out-standing singers – Harriet Loveridge, Claire Waring and Paul Fordham – whose harmonies blend perfectly, especially with the addition of bright-eyed dancer/singer Lucy Samuels in the Jingle Bells number, which even Mr Bublé himself would be proud of.

The Dance Fantastique troupe really “let go” in a Frozen contemporary ballet to open the second half which is a delight to watch.

Sprinkling comedy throughout is regular headliner Andy Oakley who is joined by impressionist Phil Lowen. Between them they provide plenty of chuckles, despite not always hitting the mark in today’s “PC” standards.

Having said that, Andy, as Mrs Brown, must be commended with his spotless rendition of The Mom and Phil really turns heads as Tom Jones, with a great voice to boot.

This is a cracker of a show which ticks all of the boxes for variety plus all the festive trimmings.



This is such a feel good show, that injection of fun we all need right now! The vocals are so impressive and such a range of songs…not just the Christmas classics but Bond themes and west end favourites as well. Enough Christmas to get you in the spirit - let’s say you’ll go home pleasantly tipsy and all warmed up to the festive season looming.
Treat yourself to a ticket or gift to a friend who needs a little bit of sparkle back in their life! Shout out to Claire Waring whose singing voice I could listen to forever! 💕


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Just been to see step into Christmas and what a fantastic show,the best that I've seen in a very very long time. Can't ever say that I've laughed as much at any show before. Well done to all concerned



Absolutely fantastic 👍 been to see step into Christmas and what a fantastic show it was, haven't laughed as much in a very very long time. Best show that I think that I've ever seen. Well done to all concerned 👍 👍


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