Jethro - 2021 dates cancelled

We have been notified by Jethro’s management that his rescheduled two shows from 2020 to dates in March 2021 will need to now be cancelled, due to the uncertainty of the current crisis and Jethro’s health considerations.

We know that both Jethro and his Manager, Frank are bitterly disappointed to let you down. Most especially whilst you have been so patient and understanding over the previous date changes, that was necessary because of the venue having to be closed on the advice of government guidelines. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: the health and safety of our communities, and we believe on this occasion, Jethro has made the best decision, albeit regrettable.

Because you have booked tickets for a cancelled show during the COVID crisis, you are eligible for a refund. Albeit it would help us in these uncertain times for theatres if you would accept a credit for your tickets against another show that we have coming. If you take a credit on your account, the monies would be held safely on your account with us until June 2022, however that can be extended upon request. If you have already accepted a credit, after the previous reschedules, we would like to thank you for that and confirm they are on the system.

Please note the value of your credit, will be the face value on your tickets. The credit can be used against any show. Our website has the full listing of shows currently scheduled and we will be adding to that schedule during the next few months. So please do keep checking the website for updates. To redeem your credit, you simply need to call the box office and let us have your name, so we can process your new booking.

Another option we would like ticketholders to consider would be to donate the ticket value to our theatre emergency fund to help us until we are able to open again, this of course would be most welcome.

However, if you would like to proceed with a refund, we are happy to do this for you, subject to a deduction of £2 per ticket, the Covid Cancellation Charge, which we levy towards the administration costs incurred. For reference refer to the Terms & Conditions on our Covid-19 information page -

You can advise us of your preference either by replying to this email notification or tell us when we call you.

Please be advised refunds will be issued against the card you paid on. Because your payment was processed over 6 months ago, ALL ticketholders will need to be contacted by us on the telephone, so we can take your card details to input directly to the PDQ machine, to enable the refund process.

If you paid by cash or by cheque, we will need to contact you so we can take some card details too, in the event you do not hold a debit/credit card, details for a bank account. Once a refund is processed please note it will take several days for the monies to reach your account.

We would ask that you remain patient with us, you are undoubtedly aware that we are having to remain closed, staff are furloughed, and we are uncertain of a re-opening date.

Refunds and the hundreds of calls can only be done on site at the venue, and we only have 2 members of staff who can place those calls, as there are only 2 card machines on site. Refunds would usually be initiated within a 30-day period of a cancellation notice, but this time frame will be very difficult for us to adhere to whilst we are closed. We will be making arrangements for the staff members to be available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, your patience and understanding are much appreciated. Please be assured we will get back to everyone who advises us by return of this email, that they wish to pursue the refund, even if it may take a few weeks - we sold 1200 tickets and have over 700 calls to place.

If your account is credited you will get a notification via email and to those of you who will be supporting us with a donation, we will message you with our very grateful thanks and make a public statement thanking everyone for their support and generosity.

Our best wishes to you – KEEP SAFE & thank you.


Published: 18th Jan 2021