A summary of Colin Matthews 30th Anniversary party!

"Goodness, what can I say it was a ‘magnificent’ afternoon. On behalf of us all, Thankyou Colin!"

Sharon Waring - General Manager.

In attendance at the celebrations were staff both past and present as well cast members from shows Colin produced back in 1987 right up to the present day with some traveling some way to be here! Phil Lowen, said during the afternoon, “in this business you work for yourself, you travel to and from gigs on your own and the only time you feel a part of a group is when you get involved with a production like those put on at the Babbacombe Theatre. Having a get together where so many of us like minded acts can get together and socialise makes me realise just how lucky we all are to be a part of the Babbacombe family!”

It was really nice to have some special guests, agents who have managed some of the biggest names in the industry during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were there too, including 92 year old Trevor George who came along with his daughter Ann, who now manages the agency Trevor George Entertainments. I think it is fair to say a large amount of the acts there, were or still are with the agency now!

Colin spared no expense in ensuring all of his guests had a wonderful time. The 3 course meal was served at the lovely adorned tables, where there was also a selection of fine wines, soft drinks, shorts and beers served. So who do you bring in to entertain entertainers? Jimmy Tamley is undoubtedly one of the best ventriloquist acts in the UK today, and he most definitely did not disappoint. When he invited Colin and Zoe Nickless to join him on stage he had the audience doubled over in fits laughter!

As there was a swimming pool available, that was taken advantage of by all of the children that went along- there was a lifeguard on duty whilst they were in and out of the very warm pool all afternoon, which allowed the adults to socialise. There was also a ‘fun room’ with lots of crafts for them with a nursery teacher taking the rein, keeping them entertained. Colin really did think of everything and in his speech he made a point of thanking just about everyone, including his lovely wife Maggie who had prepared the fabulous meal and Pete Wiley who after 25 years of working with the Babbacombe Theatre family retired this year.

Colin’s generosity knew no bounds for that afternoon and all of us who were privileged to be there had a wonderful afternoon and evening! It goes without saying that all of his ‘Babbacombe family’ wanted to express our appreciation to him too, so between us we bought Colin a few gifts including a cordon bleu, meal for two, with bubbly at the Shard in London. HE DESERVES IT!

Photo courtesy of The Herald Express - Andy Uglow

Published: 25th Jul 2016