LEGENDS of the West End

Mr Showman delivers again with another five-star Babbacombe blockbuster


Imagine being able to choose all your favourite chocolates in one box.  Or all your favourite songs on one album.

Well that’s what you get from Mr Showman Colin Matthews in his latest Babbacombe blockbuster ‘Legends of the West End’

No boring coffee creams for impresario and director Colin – he doesn’t do boring.  No tuneless fill-ins while you wait for a show’s one killer number – he doesn’t do fill-ins.

What you get is a non-stop stream of all the best bits from all the best musicals through all the best eras.

OK, so you don’t get to see the REAL Elaine Page, or the REAL Sarah Brightman.  They may not be the REAL Jersey Boys up there, or the REAL Dreamgirls.

But then again, you’re not paying West End prices, or flights to Vegas.  You’re not having to book a luxury cruise or pay to fly to Broadway.  But boy, can they sing!

There are too many ‘stars’ to name them all; too many songs to write a list.  So, like Colin Matthews – whose been doing it for 30 years – I’ll give you a little taster.....

Remember ‘I know him so well’ from Chess?  Or ‘One more day’, from Les Mis?  Know ‘Money’ from Cabaret or ‘Luck be a lady’ from Guys and Dolls? What about Ghost?  And Phantom?  What about Billy Elliot and Oliver?  Throw in a Funny Girl or two, some Blood Brothers and a touch of Starlight Express and you’re starting to get the picture.

And what about the cast?  Many of them are old Babbacombe Theatre favourites so the huge army of Babbacombe faithful know they’re getting great singers, great acts and more than a little humour.  And they gave them a standing ovation at the end to prove it!

The set may not have broken the bank, but it gets ‘em on stage and it gets ‘em off again.  What more do you need?

So, who do we have?  Our own local darlin’ Lily Laight, whose been in the West End and Hollywood so long it’s easy to forget she’s just 15.

Dean Winters – small in stature but huge in personality.

Lisa T Winter – wow what a belter!

Debbie Farrell – not the real Shirley Bassey?  Close your eyes and tell me that.

Then there’s Darren Lake, with a rich, deep voice like molten molasses. 

Cheeky chappies Barry Elmer and Luke Sampson, who add humour to their striking voices.

Sami Jane Slater and Becky Bennett who can tackle just about any kind of song.

The list goes on and on, and if I’ve missed anyone out I’m sorry, it just SEEMS like a cast of thousands.

Hats off to Colin and the team, too, for continuing with his unique youth policy that sees local youngsters getting their chances in the big time.  Just listen to the blossoming talents of Joshua Cousins, Clayton Peffers and George Hawkins.

You know, it was Forrest Gump, not Tom Hanks, who said that life is like a box of chocolates.

You don’t have to be a real movie star to find all the best nutty caramels – you just have to go on down to the Babbacombe Theatre.

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